Welcome to Ufi online funding.

Applicants invited to Stage 2 of VocTech 2016 can log in and go to their applications. Deadline for submissions is 12th July 9am. All other applications to Ufi Trust are currently closed. 

There will be further opportunities for funding. You can keep in touch by signing up for our newsletter and we'll email you as soon as the fund opens. You can also keep up to date by following us on Twitter @UfiTrust

If you think you have a project which might be suitable for future Ufi funding, please:

Project areas we are interested in include:

Increasing capability of those involved in running the vocational learning system, through:

  • Analytic tools 
  • Large-scale online course for learning professionals
  • Advocacy with senior leaders
  • Competencies, career paths and curricula
  • Short, online courses for learning professionals

Exploiting networks to bring together learners, learning content and learning professionals, through:

  • Open Source curriculum production 
  • Peer assessment 
  • Crowd-sourced diagnostic mathematics questions
  • Free resources in vocational learning

Harnessing the power of digital to support individualised and differentiated learning, through:

  • Development of sims, games and virtual environments 
  • Online intervention in numeracy/mathematics 
  • Adaptive learning
  • Technology-supported, problem-based learning
  • Cloud-based education systems

Future submissions will be welcome on all of these. Note that our funding is focused on ‘vocational learning’ and ‘technology’. We don’t fund University or schools’ projects.

All applications will be made online while funding rounds are open.