Lights, camera ... numeracy!

October 20th saw the launch of Star Dash Studios, the new app from National Numeracy, funded by Ufi Trust. 

Star Dash Studios is a free game which encourages 16-25 year-olds to practise their number skills and appreciate the value of everyday maths in the workplace.The action takes place on a movie set. You are a runner and it’s your first job in the film business. You must complete a series of challenges as you encounter members of the film crew - these missions involve everyday maths.The action is fast and furious, the problems are highly visual and engaging, and the whole experience is served up with a large dollop of humour.

Whilst the game is available for free to anyone, it is primarily designed for 16-25 year olds. Especially those who didn’t get on with school maths, feel anxious about it, or don’t see the point of it.Although first and foremost a game and not a formal education resource, the app encourages players to think mathematically and use everyday numeracy to tackle embedded number problems (relating to time, money, percentages, measurements, angles and estimation) – and so move up to the next level, an essential feature of gaming. Star Dash Studios draws on academic work showing a correlation between gaming and mathematical behaviour and is based on National Numeracy’s own ‘Essentials of Numeracy’ model.

National Numeracy chief executive Mike Ellicock said:

“All the evidence shows that too many teenagers feel disengaged from school maths and don’t see its relevance to their future lives. We urgently need to crack this problem – and that means a better thought through approach to functional maths, in order to build young people’s confidence, interest and practical skills.It’s against this background that we have developed our new app."

"This is is the perfect medium for persuading young people that numeracy is part of every job – whether that’s on a film set, in an office or on a building site.What’s more, the resilience everyone needs to improve at everyday maths is akin to the resilience demanded by gaming. Persistence pays in both. Try again – and you go up a level."

If you like runner games and are interested in films, you’ll love it.

Download for free now.