Ufi commits £1 million to Manufacturing Skills projects

Ufi is excited to announce that it is committing £1 million to its Manufacturing Skills Fund (MSF). We are investing in projects that use digital technology to improve how vocational learning is delivered in the manufacturing sector.

Following a call for applications for funding, the MSF is investing in seven projects that will use emerging learning technologies to equip manufacturing workers with the skills they need for a rapidly changing industry. Ultimately, the projects aim to boost productivity and competitiveness of UK manufacturing.

The Manufacturers’ Organisation, EEF, recently found that almost three-quarters (72%) of manufacturing businesses are concerned about finding the skills their businesses need, and 73% have faced difficulties finding appropriately trained workers in the last three years.

Manufacturers face huge challenges when looking to upskill staff. Vocational training usually means time taken off the job for staff, which can be a real financial and resource burden – particularly for smaller businesses. As a result, there is a strong demand for training that is easy to access, adaptable to developments in technology, and cost effective for employers. The seven MSF funded projects will harness digital tools to address these barriers to high quality vocational training.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Ufi CEO, commented:

“Technology can be seen as a challenge for business.  Our investment in these projects provides a major opportunity to demonstrate how digital solutions  can help to upskill employees. We believe digital technologies play a significant role in helping meet current and future vocational skills requirements. The Manufacturing Skills Fund will demonstrate new and creative ideas that can transform how vocational learning is delivered for the UK manufacturing workforce.”