Are there specific criteria for Ufi projects? | Ufi VocTech Trust

The specific criteria for projects varies between funding calls and is set out in the guidelines for each call. However, there are general criteria which apply to all our projects:

• We only fund projects which support the digital delivery of adult vocational learning. This means learning associated with the skills and knowledge that people need for work. Projects must be for adult learners, which we define as over the age of 16 years.

• Projects must have the potential to reach large numbers of learners – we are looking for ideas that can make a real difference to how UK vocation learning happens and this can only occur if projects can scale up and be rolled out widely, providing quicker, better learning.

• We are interested in projects aimed at any and every aspect of vocational learning, including (but not limited to) design and development of learning tools, new delivery models, evaluation and assessment, accreditation and recording evidence of achievement.

• Quicker, better learning is only possible if the development process and the end product is really high quality. This requires a recognition of the learning pedagogies specific to the digital world, and the specific challenges of developing learning for the digital world. We expect our projects to include detailed consultation and testing with users – providers, employers and learners - and incorporate their feedback into product development.