Are there types of projects you do not fund? | Ufi VocTech Trust

We do not fund projects which address generic ‘access to work’ skills, such as time management, CV building or interview skills training.  We don’t fund basic digital skills training aimed at enabling generic digital capability and overcoming digital exclusion, but can fund specific digital skills required in the workplace.

Projects must represent a step change in how vocational learning happens – it is not sufficient for a project to describe an incremental improvement in vocational learning.

We do not fund standard content development work, that aims, for example, to simply digitise existing content or add further content to an existing platform. We will however fund the development of content where this is necessary to develop, test and demonstrate an innovative approach.

We do not fund projects in HE, but HEIs can be involved in project delivery where the project beneficiaries are adult workplace learners. We do not fund research projects.

We do not fund projects in schools, unless these can demonstrate that they are addressing specific workplace skills provision to those aged over 16, where there is an identifiable employer need.

We do not fund generic enterprise or entrepreneurship skills to support people to set up or run a business.