Colleges Across The UK Are Suffering A Funding Crisis


The following comments are in response to this BBC News article which explores a rising concern about the number of further education colleges needing emergency government bailouts...

It is no surprise to learn that Further Education Colleges across the UK are suffering from a funding crisis. Funding has dropped in real terms by 8% since 2010 and we have seen emergency funds being dished out to colleges across the country to stop them from collapsing. This is despite the immeasurable value that these colleges offer our economy and young people.

We need a skills system that champions vocational skills.

The UK is seeing more and more high-profile businesses warning that their graduate hires do not have the technical skills that they expect, it is obvious that young people need top-quality Further Education Colleges now more than ever.  We need a skills system that champions vocational skills - and this has to be a technologically underpinned system that uses the right tools for learning.

This weekend, Mark Carney echoed the Ufi view that without a serious re-think of skills training in the UK, many people would lose their jobs to automation. The fourth industrial revolution must be matched by a fourth educational revolution. Read our recent blog about the revolution here.
The government must ensure that vocational skills underpin the UK education system.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO @UfiTrust