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Comments On The Autumn Budget

Article by Ufi's CEO Rebecca Garrod-Waters

For those working to advance the standard of further education and vocational learning in the UK, it was a disappointing budget. A cut in the levy for smaller companies was unarguably a positive move that will greatly ease the burden on UK companies running apprenticeship scheme. But addressing structural issues in apprenticeships isn’t enough to bring up the UK’s standard of further education in line with other developed nations.

A greater focus on developing vocational skills.

A greater focus on developing vocational skills, the adoption of cutting edge-education technology, and an overhaul of an out-of-date college sector is needed if the UK hopes to give its workforce the skills that will be desperately needed in a post-Brexit Britain. Moreover, the government needs to have greater consideration of the economic challenges posed by the 4th Industrial Revolution. Without policy changes that take into account the implications of working in a modern globalised economy, a generation of workers will be left without the skills they need to thrive in a constantly changing workplace.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO @UfiTrust