Discovery - The Basics


by Hilary Stringer, VocTech Specialist Cohort Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust

New opportunity to access funding.

The Ufi Specialist call offers a new opportunity to access funding, for those ideas that are not yet ready to submit for one of our other funding rounds. It involves a ‘discovery phase’ where you can test either the project idea, or the technology to deliver it, with your target audience.

How is this different?

The most important difference is the focus on designing something that your user actually wants - not something that you think or hope they want. Your design should be something that you test with them until you are clear what they will really use when it is created. It may be that when you ask them the question (and this is all about asking the right questions) you find that their needs are different from what you had originally thought when looking in from the outside.

That’s fine with us! 

If you need to change your plans from what you brought to us at application stage, we’re happy to see the change. As long as your work with users confirms that you are meeting a real need. Read more about different challenges and how digital technology offers solutions in our case studies newsletter next week - sign up to our mailing list to receive our updates.

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