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Discovery - The Right Mindset

by Hilary Stringer, VocTech Specialist Cohort Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust

Different from previous Ufi calls.

We are looking for bright ideas that have not reached the point of being ready to apply for standard Seed or Impact calls and need time to crystalise thinking on what users really want.

A successful discovery phase will involve starting with a completely open mind on what you will find out from users. To make an application you will have to give us an indication of the idea that you want to explore - but you need to be prepared for users to tell you that you have got it all wrong and actually they want X instead of Y.

Sometimes, it is difficult for employers and individuals to explain what they want as they don’t have a frame of reference for what is possible. What they can describe clearly is what they would like to see change. That is the opening for a discovery phase to explore how that could happen and what the end result might look like. Hopefully, what users will tell you is that they prefer a different shade of X or a different pattern of X rather than not wanting X at all, but you need to be prepared for the radical outcome of having to pivotto meet real user needs.

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