Discovery - Specialist Roundup


by Hilary Stringer, VocTech Specialist Cohort Manager for Ufi Trust

In my mini-blogs this week I have touched on various aspects of the Specialist Call, highlighting the new features of the Discovery Phase and the kinds of approaches that are likely to be successful.

As a Ufi team, we are looking forward to working in this new way, which gives projects the chance at a much earlier stage to engage users with their thinking. We recognise that taking time to do a really effective exploration of user needs can take a lot of time, effort and resources - our Discovery Phase funding makes that possible for organisations of all sizes.

We are particularly keen to hear the employer voice coming through very strongly in the projects you propose to us. There are real challenges for employers in securing the skills they need to address changes in how industry works now and into the future. There is scope for really innovative ideas to emerge that could change the work and career prospects of employees and learners by equipping them with the skills that they need at the time that they need them. Using digital at its best to do things faster, better and cheaper.

So whether you are testing a potentially disruptive technology, or you feel almost ready to launch a demonstrator that can show how this works at scale, this call gives you the support you need to build a really successful project based on solid evidence of user needs.

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