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Discovery - Thinking About Thinking

by Hilary Stringer, VocTech Specialist Cohort Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust

In setting up the #VocTech Specialist Call we have drawn on tried and tested methods used in user-led design to come up with new ideas that clients really want.

Divergent thinking is the starting point.

Collecting ideas from a wide range of sources, making sure you really listen to the problem that users say that they have, and testing that problem from a number of angles to make sure you understand the real need. The most important element to this is to be open to all possibilities.

The next phase is to use those ideas generated to create some basic models to take back to your test users and ask questions - Is this what they were expecting? What else would they like to see you develop? Have you understood their needs?

Begin the convergent phase.

With that feedback in place, you can begin the Convergent phase of boiling down all the ideas into something that is deliverable and meets the important Ufi requirement of being scalable so that a large number of users can benefit from the development. If what you have so far is for a very niche audience, then it is unlikely that we will be able to fund it to the next stage - but you will still have learned something very important and may have a product or service that you can take to market yourself.

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