Discovery - What Can I Do With The Funding?


by Hilary Stringer, VocTech Specialist Cohort Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust


Our Specialist Call offers up to £20,000 for you to explore the needs of a group of learners and think about how best to meet those needs.

It may be that you, as an employer, have skills gaps that you can’t fill and need to attract people to retrain so that they can come and work for you, but you don’t know how digital learning could help you.  The discovery phase could pay for you to work with potential employees/learners and learning designers to explore what is needed and what is possible, until you have a solution that works for everyone. Or you may be a learning designer that has an outline of an idea for how to help employers upskill their existing workforce.

What you need is support to spend time talking with employers to find out their real needs and see if your idea could be developed to meet those needs.

Openness to change...

What we won’t fund are ideas that are already fixed and you don’t want to change.  If you have an already developed technology and are looking for a place to use it, this call is not for you. Projects need to be open to changing in any and all aspects of their original idea to make sure what is developed makes a real difference in workforce skills.

Keep on the lookout for tomorrow's blog which will delve in to the different types of thinking that are needed for VocTech Specialist's discovery phase.

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