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Five Free Tools For Low Risk Start Up

This blog post by Mark Berthelemy, an expert in solving digital problems, supports the first session in our series of free 'How To' Webinars. These were developed to support trainers who need to rapidly move their learning provision to wholly online.  You can watch the recording on GoTo Webinar: How To Move Training Online - A Trainer's Quick Start Guide.


In this post, I will focus on five free tools which I have worked with and found useful.

Note that many of them will take considerable time and effort.

Please note that, by using a tool for free, you're taking all the risk on yourself. As soon as you start to rely on any particular software to run your business, you'll need to consider a more formal agreement. Or just continue to take the risk.

Also, please do your own due diligence regarding security and data protection. Ufi cannot take responsibility if any issues arise.



Moodle is one of the most powerful course management systems out there. It's an open-source application, so you can download it and host the software on your own servers. Or you can use their hosted MoodleCloud service.

Be warned, though, like all the big systems, it's got a pretty steep learning curve, and may be too complex for what you need.



If you need to publish your web resources somewhere, then the hosted version of Wordpress is a great start. It won't give you a closed space, but it will give you a fully-fledged web content management system.

If you need more functionality, then the paid options may work for you, or you can put Wordpress on your own server and do what you want with it.



Zamzar will convert files from one format to another. All sorts of types of files in all sorts of formats, including documents, images, audio, video and ebooks.

This is one of those utility tools that you'll keep coming back to for occasional use.



WeTransfer, a company based in the Netherlands, lets you transfer large files from one person to another without using email. It's that simple, and so useful.



ExeLearning is an open-source tool for creating educational resources. It's really flexible and produces great looking responsive web pages and ebooks. They can contain text, images, videos and interactive activities.


Just be careful if you're asking it to create SCORM packages, as this is its weak point.


Note from Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

The 'How To' webinar series from Ufi is an evergrowing catalogue of knowledge which was introduced to support and ensure teaching and learning still happens during the restrictions arising from Covid-19. While the sessions were built to support immediately during the outbreak, a lot of the information and learnings can still be transferred into the future to supoprt the way learning happens.

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