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Groop - New Accreditation Tool

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust. Monday 30th September 2019.

Last week I was invited to an intimate event hosted by Groop as they handed out Certifcates of Appreciation, and Continued Professional Development awards, to a small group of people who have been on a mutually valuable journey with the socially focused community management platform.

With a lot of input from the test users, Groop have developed an employability skills digital accreditation tool prototype for volunteers. The tool is aimed at accrediting skills gained through delivery of volunteering or social action projects.

Before collecting their awards Barrie Taylor, Innovation & Insight Director for Groop, showcased the final app version of the prototype that his team and the test users have been developing for the past year with funding from us at Ufi Trust. During the product demo Barrie was able to highlight the many features, fonts, colours, and themes that the test users had given feedback on that have ultimately helped the prototype become what it is today.

Two things really stood out to me about the project and product;

  1. I see a lot of gamification in learning, and a lot of digital badging, but Groop are offering a rather unique propostion - gamified badging.
  2. To start, take, and finish with the same users on the entire development journey isn't something I see all that often either. The value this will have added to the process is unmeasurable - and starting from scratch with the test users was also very interesting. Groop did not even present the test users with an initial concept, the test users were heavily involved in creating that too!

When a project receives funding from us at Ufi they don't just receive funding to develop their innovation or VocTech product, they also get a dedicated and specialist Project Account Manager who supports and guides them through their journey with us so that the project reaches its full pontential and is sustainable beyond their time with us.

As the Groop project reaches completion with us Jane Holmes, Groop's Project Account Manager from Ufi, said; 

The work that Groop have done in developing a tool to engage young adults with their volunteering and learning is a brilliant example of how combining gamification and badging can improve the way people access, develop and evidence the skills they need for work.


Alongside congratulating Groop on the wonderful tool they have developed, I would like to thank the test users who have been on the journey from day one - they've been beneficial to the development of the app.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on what you think the future holds for gamified badging, or how gamified badging could be used in your environment to improve how adults access and develop the skills they need for work. Find me on LinkedIn or on Twitter @Stephen_Hinde

Discover more about Groop and the services they offer on their website

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