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How Can ChatBots Add Value To Digital Learning?

Article by Ufi’s Community Manager Stephen Hinde.


I spent a morning at an industry seminar exploring how ChatBots can add value to digital learning.

With instant messaging being more popular than ever it is easy to see why companies across the globe are starting to look at how their short form communications can be taken to the next level.

Brightwave wanted to show me and some other people from the education industry how easy it is to build a bot, and then explore how powerful they can become when mixed with artificial intelligence.

In their simplest form, ChatBots are a quick-to-use information service. A customer wants an answer and the ChatBot can deliver it within seconds, often directing people to the right place, giving product information, or instructions.

ChatBots run on algorithms but if you were to introduce Artificial Intelligence a whole new world of possibilities opens up. The AI can communicate with external systems, provide bespoke services to its users, and even start to tailor the way it speaks to each and every person that interacts with it. All of a sudden it becomes questionable whether you’re talking to a human or a robot!

A ChatBot can be used to teach people, it could keep track of someone’s training records and alert them when they need to complete some job-based learning, and allow employees to ask job-related questions so they can recap on how to use something.


Can a conversation with a bot feel like a conversation with a human?


To prove how easy simple ChatBots are to create we were given an imaginary scenario where we had to write some answers for common questions about coffee. The challenge was to give a personality to our bot and then respond in their voice.Our bot turned out to be a reincarnation of Marvin the Paranoid Android convinced that coffee is a government-funded control chemical that’s trying to take over our bodies – hence the number of coffee shops taking over London.Although our bot was just a bit of fun in a ten-minute build, it was a powerful demonstration of how quickly a simple conversational tool can be personalised to add even more value to human interactions. Typically you'd expect a ChatBot to have a personality that is warm, friendly and informative so that the experience between itself and a user feels as real as possible.


When implemented correctly they can offer up a valuable service.


For ChatBots to be successful in the education industry there needs to be a well-balanced blend of algorithms and artificial intelligence. If built incorrectly it’s easy to end up with a verbal human to human conversation about how the ChatBot was a nuisance. When implemented correctly they can offer up a valuable service that is tailored to personal needs. Using a ChatBot frees up human time, or can be used at times where human conversation is not available.

Thanks to the team Brightwave for a fascinating seminar.


Stephen Hinde

Community Manager for Ufi