Is It Too Late To Apply For #VocTech Seed 2019?


Ideas that have more time spent on them will often make better applications and better eventual projects. But! Starting your application now doesn’t mean your idea is not well thought out – but you do need to have done the thinking. 48 hours is more than enough to write it down if you’ve already thought your idea through. Our stage 1 application form is deliberately short so that your application becomes concise.
If you understand the problem you are trying to solve then your application shouldn’t be too difficult to complete within 48 hours. An understanding of the problem and the ability to test your proposed solution in a relevant environment will help.
If you only thought of your idea last night then we are glad we’ve sparked some inspiration but be sure to do some homework. Take a look at our application form, see what we ask for, and build your proposal over the next year ready for VocTech Seed 2020.
If your idea tackles issues with reskilling, upskilling, or routes to employment you should consider taking a look at our VocTech Specialist call which will open for applications in March. VocTech Specialist will give you the opportunity to investigate potential problems, and then potential solutions.

Discover more about #VocTech Seed here.
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