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Learning Design For Online Delivery

This blog post by Daniel Whiston, an Instructional Writer & expert in Learning Design, supports the second session in our series of free 'How To' Webinars. These were developed to support trainers who need to rapidly move their learning provision to wholly online. You can watch the recording on GoTo Webinar: How To Design Learning For Online Delivery.


Covid-19 has placed the UK training sector under enormous pressure. Under lockdown, delivering face-to-face training has now had many challenges – forcing many businesses online as the only way to keep in touch with their learners.

This can mean uncharted waters for many people, who haven’t provided online learning before. And having to do this overnight means some providers might want to stick to doing the bare minimum – perhaps due to a lack of confidence.

But nobody really aspires to be average, in online learning, or anything else.

Here, mindset is key. Taking the time to re-think and re-design existing learning offerings so that they can be structured, delivered, and experienced in new ways doesn’t have to cost the earth or demand extensive experience. It just takes a willingness to embrace enforced change as a potential opportunity, rather than an unwanted constraint that can be met halfway.  

So how could you design a really effective online offering – starting today?

Here are three tips to get your thinking started:

  • Think about the positive experiences your learners have online already (in terms of entertainment or useful Apps). What do people get out of them? How could you replicate those experiences? 
  • Spend some time on YouTube. This contains an enormous number of learning videos on an unimaginable spread of subjects. Many of these clips are made by regular people using phones. What makes the really popular ones work so well?
  • Online learning doesn’t have to happen in day-long sessions while everyone is ‘in the room at the same time.’ How could you ‘chunk’ learning experiences differently? If you break them up and spread them out over a longer timescale, what new opportunities for reflection and applying learning might become possible?


Note from Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

The 'How To' webinar series from Ufi is an evergrowing catalogue of knowledge which was introduced to support and ensure teaching and learning still happens during the restrictions arising from Covid-19. While the sessions were built to support immediately during the outbreak, a lot of the information and learnings can still be transferred into the future to supoprt the way learning happens.

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