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Revolution In The Education System

Blog by Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO of Ufi Charitable Trust. Thursday 3rd October 2019.

Gavin Williamson’s speech earlier this week has been pretty well received by much of the vocational community. It’s good to hear some ministerial passion and commitment to the UK's vocational system and if this translates into a genuine ‘vocational first’ approach then it has the potential to transform both society and economy.


But – making the change is an enormous challenge as the forgotten and unloved part of the education system (the vocational and technical sector) needs focus, finance and attention.

Earlier this year I called for a revolution in the education system – Education 4.0, and it’s good to see that Gavin Williamson agrees with me. This means that we need a system that is fit for the future, ensuring that learners, teachers, and institutions have access to the best tools available and the skills and confidence to use them. We want a vocational and technical system that is the envy of the world, where is it seen as a badge of honour to take on an apprenticeship and vocational qualifications are a valued first choice for those progressing through education.

In thinking about the ambition to make the UK's vocational and technical education system world leading, it should be clear that this needs a clear and embedded approach to the use of digital technology to support the delivery of skills. This will underpin wider access, greater fluidity between the workplace and educational establishments, better learner outcomes and better use of data and intelligence in developing educational programmes. In addition, it will best prepare learners for the world of work. Digital transformation of the workplace is not some distant imagined future, it is here now and ensuring that learners develop within a digitally supported way of learning will best prepare them for the way the world is already working both in and out of the workplace.

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