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Sail Away Success for Marine Society & Sea Cadets Project

Sea Cadets stood in a line.

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

Alongside the funding that each Ufi-funded project receives, they are also offered support from a Project Account Manager (PAM) to ensure the project achieves the best it can during its life with us, and beyond. During a session with their PAM, Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC), let us know of a milestone they'd reached during lockdown - a time where they thought they'd be in deep water.

MSSC's Ufi-funded platform called Waypoint has had over 10,000 users in just six weeks - that's about 10 new users every hour!

Waypoint, a VocTech Impact 2018 project, was awarded a grant to develop and launch an interactive portal to allow learners to have a clear view on the opportunities available to them in the Sea Cadets, and more.

I reached out to MSSC to tell me a bit more about the Sea Cadet's Portal - here's what Daniel McAllister, Director of Fundraising & Communications, had to say:

The Sea Cadets Portal is in fact the ‘Sea Cadets Experience’ in every cadet’s pocket. It gives each cadet control over their journey through cadet life.

This empowerment starts with making sense of learning pathways; giving lots of information for 185 different courses offered to cadets, and extends to career advice along with inside information about our world-class training centres and amazing offshore fleet.

Cadets can now navigate which courses, events, and activities suit them and their ambitions, combined with a live social-network style newsfeed which is private within Sea Cadets, and carries lots of information from what’s going on this week at their unit, to what the whole organisation is up to. Cadets can instantly access their own achievement records at any time, and keep abreast of what their ‘friends’ are up to, such as promotions or gaining qualifications, and this now includes fun avatars to reinforce the way Sea Cadets have embraced the digital culture young people recognise. It’s intuitive, social, and signposts to a wealth of resources at the touch of a finger.
Having launched on the 12th May during Coronavirus lockdown, the Sea Cadets Portal has been an immediate support to volunteers and staff in communicating with isolated cadets through its instantaneous news-feed. This is a runaway success and in just six weeks from launch we surpassed 10,000 participants, with more joining every day, and we recently exceeded 12,500 unique active users.

Today there are over 28,000 people registered who are able to instantly access the system whenever they want.

Sea Cadets couldn’t be happier with what this new system will make possible, with this wealth of knowledge and empowerment, our cadets will reach new heights discovering and realising new ambitions.

To discover more about the Marine Society & Sea Cadets please visit their website

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