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Twelve New Projects Added To Ufi's Portfolio

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust. 20th September 2019

This year’s VocTech Seed cohort were welcomed to the Ufi portfolio of projects at a workshop held in London on Wednesday 18th September. Twelve projects now in our community not only receive a grant of up to £50,000 to deliver their project but also get the support of a dedicated project manager.

To give you an idea of what we are about to dive in to here are the headlines of what the twelve projects have been offered funding for: 

  • A 3-D interactive technology using the latest simulation rooms and/or virtual reality headsets is aiming to prove that replacing traditional training methods such as sit-and-watch PowerPoint Presentations can be of benefit to the UK's police force.


  • A scenario-based digital learning platform will train and develop people so that appropriate actions and cleaning skills can be learned by those working within a care home, or even own home, environment. Whilst trying to prevent an infectious outbreak learners will be able to review policy and use data for performance improvements.


  • An enriched learning platform will combine several online platforms in to a new one that will host interactive webinars that allow people to show acquired competence in the deployment of loaned equipment in its respective environment.


  • Increasing employability amongst those who are visually impaired by providing accessible training in computer networking.


  • Developing literacy in a creative way through the use of a mobile app that incorporates voice and handwriting recognition.


  • Transferable and future-proofed skills within the construction industry via a gamified learning app.


  • A platform containing high-quality content vocational learning for anyone working with young people that ensures the evolving needs of young people are met.


  • Development and testing of a flexible access e-learning platform for apprentices and employees within the clothes manufacturing industry.


  • A mixed-reality learning platform for rural workers will be developed so that learners can better understand animal care & welfare in the field.


  • Augmented and Virtual Reality learning for adult learners that offers a direct link between job opportunities and skills within the textiles industry.


  • An interactive teaching and learning tool containing hyper-contextualised maths problems related directly to the vocational courses.


  • A project within the motor vehicle maintenance industry will allow trainees of all levels to train in both simple and complex procedures through the implementation of Virtual Reality.


Find out who will be delivering the projects and read more about them on our dedicated #VocTech Seed 2019 Projects Page.

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