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Ufi Project Features On BBC's Crimewatch

News by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

A project supported through one of Ufi VocTech Trust’s grant calls featured on Crimewatch on the 13th March 2020.

The Computer Operated Police Simulator (COPS) has been developed by Virtual Reality Simulation Systems Ltd to support the Police with a new form of vocational training that is more interactive and more engaging.

COPS was demonstrated on Crimewatch because it is currently being used by Lancashire Constabulary.

Jason Barlow from Virtual Reality Simulation Systems Ltd said

It was fantastic news when we heard that COPS was going to be featured on Crimewatch as it showcases the need for different methods of training. COPS gives police officers access to new ways of training by utilising the capabilities of digital technology.

By using COPS, police forces can:

  • Experience different scenarios with multiple different outcomes and various paths or decisions to take.
  • Have readily available equipment at any time to replicate real-world scenarios.
  • Track and record every action and decision which supports relevant training documentation.
  • Immerse their officers in replicated dangerous and critical scenarios.
  • Show their workforce the different outcomes resulting from the many choices throughout various scenes.


See COPS being featured on YouTube here.


Jason also added

VRSS would like to thank Ufi VocTech Trust who funded the development of COPS and also for the ongoing support they have given us throughout the project.

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