VocTech Impact 2018: time for change? | Ufi Charitable Trust

VocTech Impact 2018: time for change?

Our VocTech Impact 2018 fund launches on Weds 13 June which offers £150,000 to £300,000 to projects that can show broad social impact aligned to our mission, and which can reach significant numbers of end-users over an 18-month funding cycle with us.

We’re keen to see lasting impact from our projects so we offer a light-touch Ufi-side project manager, together with a program of ‘enrichment,’ to support particular aspects of each.

If you’re planning to apply we encourage you to show us how your project will address a real learning or pedagogical need and give us an idea of the proportion of the total potential market you think your project will impact.

The projects we selected for Impact 2017 covered a range of technology (including VR and AI), as well as new approaches using micro-learning and improving access to employment. You can read more about our current projects here. We don’t yet know from which areas projects for Impact 2018 will emerge, but we are starting to see the impact that technology can have in these areas:

  • Generic, interoperable badges that anyone can lift and shift into any institution
  • VR or AI that disrupt existing methods of learning in education
  • Workforce support development - from badging transferable skills for lower-skilled service industries’ staff to ideas that might enable vocational teachers and leaders make the transition from apprenticeship frameworks to delivery of the new standards, via the latest in the highly acclaimed Blended Learning series

We welcome all good ideas – including those that are unrelated to the above.

We always receive many interesting ideas from applicants from many different sectors, but the successful applicants are those that can compelling convey to us why their idea is a scalable, problem-solving game changer! As well as having a great idea, you will also need to show us how you’ll bring in project and business developers, investor-partners and pedagogues, to demonstrate that you have the skills and people to deliver a major vocational project successfully.

If you’re ready to apply, check out our criteria here and sign up for one of our free, national workshops or webinars – we’ll see you soon…

Dr. Nick Lambert, Cohort Manager, VocTech Impact