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VocTech Impact - Large Number of Learners

Blog by Mahreen Ferdous, Project Account Manager for Ufi Charitable Trust 

A core criteria of our VocTech Impact funding call is that the applicant aims to enable a large numbers of learners to develop new vocational skills during the lifetime of the project.

While we have been interacting with potential applicants at VocTech Impact 2019 call workshops and webinars, we are often asked to explain what we mean by a large number of learners.

We are not seeking a specific number threshold that potential projects need to meet - the scope of your project and the learners being targeted by your project means that learner numbers can vary significantly.

For example, one of our previous VocTech Impact projects, National Numeracy, has created a tool to develop the numeracy skills of adults that is usable across a wide range of ages. For such a tool, the target beneficiaries are broad, and the project created strong routes to reach them. This meant they have, over the duration of their project, engaged with and supported the numeracy skills of over 90,000 learners. However, this would not be the same threshold expected from other projects. See more in our VocTech Impact case study blog.

Another project, Skills Live: Digital Rail, has targeted learners with an interest in joining the rail sector. The scope and focus of what they wanted to achieve meant that a ‘large number of learners’ in this context was different to that of the National Numeracy project. Skills Live have already engaged with 6,000 learners over the project duration.

We ask our applicants to be ambitious within the scope of their project and the target learners. The aim of VocTech Impact is to demonstrate the potential of a tool or technology to scale up and so we want to see applicants aim for a large number of learners within their domain and make a case for why the number of learners they propose to target is ambitious yet achievable over the project duration.

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