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VocTech Now: Eligibility Checker

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

It's no surprise that the current circumstances are enveloping all of us into thinking how we adapt to the changes as quickly and effectively as possible.

The latest funding call from Ufi VocTech Trust is a fast one, it has been introduced to create impact and make changes now. It's a one-stage process, it has had very little lead time, and the support and funding Ufi offer will be available immediately to succesful applicants - it's Ufi's direct response to the teaching and learning barriers that Covid-19 has put on vocational education.

VocTech Now is offering up to £25,000 in funding to support those who need shift vocational education to online & remote right now.

So, Ufi have done the usual news items, blogs, email newsletters, social media posts, webinars to support applicants etc, but with the application window being just one week long and everybody being so tied up and busy adjusting to social distancing measures it is worth introducing something that will help save you time.

Help save you time by quickly screening whether you fit the criteria for this funding call. It would be disheartening to apply only to find out later on that you actually did fit what we are trying to solve right now.

The below checker will help you quickly establish if you could apply for funding from VocTech Now. No data capture, no details, just five straight Yes/No questions with a straight-up answer for you.

The VocTech Now eligibility checker is hosted on QuizMaker.com, click here to view (New Window)

To read about VocTech Now in more detail please visit ufi.co.uk/VocTechNow

If you would like to know more about future funding rounds from Ufi VocTech Trust offers please see ufi.co.uk or connect with us on Twitter & LinkedIn