VocTech Seed 2019


Blog by Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO of Ufi Charitable Trust

As we get settled in to the new year I am looking forward to the first of our open funding calls - VocTech Seed. 
VocTech Seed is always a particularly interesting funding round because it allows applicants to explore more experimental concepts in vocational learning, to test early stage ideas, or to explore new ways of flexible and innovative working within larger organisations. 
Through the VocTech Seed call in 2018 we offered funding to a project that will test a digital learning platform aimed at retail workers at risk of redundancy – something that is hugely important given the current economic climate and the ongoing changes to the UK high street. The platform will take the transferable skills employees have and then up/re-skill for other functions including marketing, customer service, and even warehouse operations - read more. This is just one of a really exciting set of VocTech Seed projects that are currently underway – covering everything from VR and AI through to chatbots and supporting individuals to develop their own training and content creation with digital tools.
VocTech Seed’s application window will open on Tuesday 15th January and we will be running three workshops to support the call. 
The workshops are a really useful opportunity to meet the Ufi team, learn about the funding round and, most importantly, sit down for a 1:1 to discuss your idea and the fit with the Ufi funding criteria. 
We know how useful and important these discussions can be, so I would encourage anyone thinking of making an application to try and attend. 
Our VocTech Seed workshops this year are in London (15th Jan), Exeter (17th Jan), and York (24th Jan). 
You can learn more and sign up to attend a workshop by clicking here
We are all looking forward to supporting even more exciting and innovative projects in 2019

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