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VocTech Seed Case Study: Blueflame Digital

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust.

CHOMP Dental – The Dental Training App was a learning development and an app development project. 

Built around dental nurse training textbook material, the app delivers the training required for dental nurses to perform their daily vocational tasks. 

This VocTech Seed project allowed Blueflame Digital to user test and develop the training material using feedback from the intended audience. VocTech Seed often allows projects to explore their innovation in ways that would not have typically been possible, whether that be due to time-restraints, need of expert knowledge, or the costs involved in doing such – VocTech Seed can offer all of these. 

During the development of CHOMP Dental, Blueflame were able to identify that their existing method of delivering the gamified learning wasn’t strong enough to compel dental assistants to carry on playing as it contained four long levels. Splitting the game in to 200 much shorter levels means that learners experience short bite-sized chunk of learning at a time that suits them while being able to gain constant feedback of their career progression. 

Alongside funding projects, Ufi also extra enrichment through dedicated project management and access to a wide network and community of other people who are improving vocational learning by using digital technology. As the project comes to a close, Rich Lloyd, Co-Founder of Blueflame Digital said 

Ufi’s support hasn’t just been about the funding. It’s given us a diverse range of connections and the ongoing project management has helped us achieve great things in such a short space of time.

See for yourself in this video what it's about, how it is helping its intended workforce, and why creating a strong brand to deliver the content is important.

VocTech Seed 2020 is open for applications until 13th February 5pm. To support anybody interested we will be holding webinars which give insight into who we are, what we are looking for, and what a good application looks like. Sign up to join a webinar at the bottom of our events page here.

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