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VocTech Seed Case Study: eCom Scotland

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust, Friday 17th January 2020


The problem that eCom Scotland identified was that learners who couldn’t complete practical assessments might fall behind when those practical assessments could only run at certain times of the year or were expensive to arrange – in this example it was archaeological digs being delivered by Scottish Waterways Trust who became project partners with eCom Scotland. 

Having Scottish Waterways Trust onboard as project partners meant that eCom Scotland were able to use our funding in a real-life scenario to prove that Virtual Reality can provide a suitable learning and assessment environment for archaeological digs.

One of Scottish Waterway’s Trust goals is to bring confidence to young people and the Virtual Reality solution that eCom were granted funding for gave learners a safe space to practise their assessments while proving that the actual concept has a market need. 

Archaeological digs are expensive to run and can only happen at certain times of the year and anyone who isn’t able to be present is now able to use virtual reality environments for assessments with the recorded footage being used as evidence. By using virtual reality recordings for learning and assessments the assessors are able to gain a much better understanding of the learner's thought processes as everything is seen from the learner's point of view.


"Paper isn't a representation of someone's in the field knowledge."


During the delivery of their VocTech Seed project, eCom Scotland were able to identify three key benefits to their innovative implementation of technology for vocational skills:

  • Combatting lack of relevancy to work.
  • Seeing the tasks being performed from the learner's point of view.
  • Ability to provide the exact same assessments over and over.

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