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VocTech Seed Case Study: Flavours Of Reality

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

Flavours of Reality was a proof of concept project that aimed to highlight that innovative uses of Hololens could make food manufacturing more efficient. 

Grimsby Institute’s project took the factory floor environment into the classroom which improved time to competence and didn’t slow down the processes of having to spend a lot of time entering sanitised environments purely for the purpose of learning while physically on the factory floor.

Seachill, one of the project partners who tried and tested Flavour of Reality typically delivered their learning through three main learning types: kinaesthetic, audio, and visual and Hololens combines all three in to one. 

Reflecting on their project partnership with Grimsby Institute, Lee Cooper, National Learning & Standards Manager for Sea Fish Industry Authority said 

Grimsby Institute's use of augmented reality has given us opportunities for lots of different kinds of training, the kind of training that we wouldn’t have attempted to do before.

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