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VocTech Seed Case Study: Self Injury Support

Blog by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

Self Injury Support were awarded funding as part of VocTech Seed 2018 to develop an anytime anywhere game-based app which enables front-line support staff in a range of sectors to better understand and work with emotionally challenging behaviour. 

During their project with us, Self Injury Support developed a beta version of the their app, reviewed and published the content and functionally, and also collated data about usability and impact. 

Since we’ve supported the Emotivate pilot study, Self Injury Support are now moving on to a second pilot with a large academic institution with the aim of gaining further knowledge and establishing the product even more. 

Funding from Ufi VocTech Trust gives projects, companies, and innovators an opportunity develop vocational technologies but VocTech Seed is also for projects that need to user test and gain user feedback while testing early-stage ideas with intended users. 

Key findings from Emotivate following on from user feedback was: 

  • 17 users commented on how easy the app was to use. 
  • 13 users found the app worked as positive prompt to reflect on their emotions. 
  • 5 users spefically mentioned how useful the ‘check-in’ tool was. 
  • 33 users acknowledged that the app had a positive impact on their life. 
  • 6 users said that the app would have a positive impact if more content was available. 

The user feedback above, alongside other operational findings, now means that Self Injury Support can move forward with developing their app in a much more user-focused way and their immediate future is being partly shaped as a result of the grant they were awarded from Ufi VocTech Trust. 



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