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Why Apply For VocTech Seed 2020?

Blog by Louise Rowland, Programme Director for Ufi VocTech Trust.

Ufi’s VocTech Seed fund  is our testbed, where new ideas can be explored in the supportive environment that Ufi funding offers. 

It is for organisations who have a bright idea for how #VocTech can improve outcomes for vocational learners but don’t have the funding to develop the idea further.  

VocTech Seed is for the development of innovative solutions, enabling new ideas to reach the point where they can demonstrate their potential to customers or funders, by proving a concept and planning a route to market.

Our aim is to de-risk this process of funding the testing and development of new ideas, so that more new solutions can be brought to the vocational training market.  Ufi funding could de-risk the process of testing the idea to see whether it works.


So why apply for VocTech Seed?


  • You are passionate about improving outcomes for vocational learners and have a new idea for how digital technology can support this.


  • Your organisation does not have the funds or resources to support the development and testing of the idea. Ufi funding can be used to support software development, proto-typing, small scale user testing and engagement of learners and customers in evaluating the effectiveness of the idea you are developing.


  • You are open to the idea of failure. It might be that the concept you develop doesn’t work as planned or achieve the outcomes expected. Ufi funding enables organisations to take test concepts thoroughly, and change plans along the way in response to feedback. 


  • You enjoy learning from others and sharing what you have learnt in order to support the overall development of and adoption of #VocTech in vocational learning. Ufi funds projects in cohorts. We create valuable opportunities for the organisations we work with to share lessons, strengthen their networks and build a community of people working at the cutting edge of #VocTech.


  • We focus on giving our projects the best chance of success. Every project we fund as a Project Account Manager who works to help support the organisations we fund to get the best possible outcomes. 


If VocTech Seed is of interest, then your best next step is to join the Ufi team at a workshop, where you can discuss your idea in a 1:1 session with the team or sign up to webinar to find out more.


Note from Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

Our London workshop on 4th February is now full but there are still a few places at our workshop in Cambridge on 22nd January and also in Glasgow on 28th January. Sign up to attend a workshop on our Eventbrite page here.

If you're unable to attend a workshop you will still find value in joining one of our webinars on 27th Jan, 3rd Feb, or 6th Feb. Find them at the bottom of our events page here.

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