Funding rounds 2020 | Ufi Charitable Trust

Funding rounds 2020

Funding call dates 2020

Ufi is running two open funding rounds in 2020. 


VocTech Seed 2020

VocTech Seed provides £15 - £50K in funding for up to 12 months. Projects are at an early stage, solving clearly identifiable vocational learning problems.  

  • Stage 1 - open 21st January - 13th February (5pm) 
  • Stage 2 - open 19th March - 9th April (5pm)
  • Expected decision 29th May


VocTech Impact 2020

Owing to Covid-19, this funding round has been postponed and has been replaced with VocTech Now.


VocTech Now 

VocTech Now is a targeted grant call to accelerate the use of VocTech tools to enable those in work or training to continue to engage with their vocational learning programmes during this period of travel disruption.

These are small grants of between £10k and £25k to support vocational learning providers to rapidly transition to remote teaching and training and deliver accessible learning at a time of significant change.

For more information and how to apply see our VocTech Now Guidelines page.