VocTech Seed 2019 is open

New year, new funding round. VocTech Seed opens for applications today. Up to £50,000 is available for early stage digital #edtech projects.

VocTech Seed allows projects to explore and test ideas that have the potential to make a difference at scale in the world of vocational learning. The Trust is looking for ideas that use digital tech to make it easier and quicker to learn workplace skills. VocTech Seed can be the first step in taking a project from a prototype to one which has been market tested and ready for wider launch. 

Many innovative projects that started out with previous rounds of VocTech Seed funding are now beginning to live up to their early potential. Learning Labs, for example, were awarded VocTech Seed funding in 2017. They had already developed a successful school platform to help children that do not have English as their first language. They wanted to develop their platform for the workplace and test it with large and SME manufacturing employers whose workforces needed English language skills.  In the course of their Seed 2017 project they attracted the commercial interest of several high-profile employers in automotive manufacturing, construction and energy sectors. They are now working on developing their platform in partnership with employers and have been awarded further funding. Read more ... 

VocTech Seed funded projects are helping to change the way workplace training is delivered and assessed. eCom Scotland, for example, used their VocTech Seed 2017 funding to develop a VR (Virtual Reality) prototype for use at canal college®, where students learn practical and traditional heritage skills outdoors on Scotland’s canals. The prototype contains assessments that enable the user to demonstrate their knowledge of performing an archaeological dig. As a direct result of this initiative, the awarding body agreed to use assessments delivered via VR as part of the qualification. Read more ...

If you think you've got a project which could change the way vocational skills are delivered, apply to VocTech Seed 2019. The fund is open for applications 15 January - 8th February. Register with Ufi, login and access the application form.  



#VocTech Funding Rounds 2019

VocTech Seed 2019

Provides up to £50K in funding for up to 12 months. Projects are at an early stage, solving clearly identifiable vocational learning problems. 

Stage 1 - open 15 January - 8th February (5pm) 
Stage 2 - open 11th March - 5th April (5pm)
Expected decision 31st May

VocTech Impact 2019

VocTech Impact provides £150-300K in funding, for projects 18-24 months in length. Projects have proven ideas and are able to show wide social impact. Ufi funding enables large scale piloting and demonstration.  

Stage 1 open 5th June - 28th June (5pm)
Stage 2 open 1st August - 13th September (5pm) 
Expected decision 31st October


VocTech Specialist 2019

VocTech Specialist is a new funding round which will focus on improving vocational learning in specific sectors that are important to the economy but under-served by current provision. At Stage 1 projects will have the opportunity to investigate problems and propose collaborative learning solutions.

Stage 1 open 12th March - 5th April (5pm)

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