How does Ufi decide whether projects deliver ‘public benefit’? | Ufi VocTech Trust

The questions we ask in our application forms help us to understand whether project proposals from non-charities have a beneficial public outcome, both immediately and in the longer term, and whether the project demonstrates sufficient public benefit to justify charitable funding.  This means that we must be able to see evidence of how the project approach will benefit learners, how the community of learners is defined and evidence of the total size of the group the project could reach. 

We need to look carefully at both the outputs of the project and the costs.  The better you are able to describe these in your project application, the easier it is for us to determine the public benefit.  We need to make sure that our funding is sufficient to deliver the project but is not being used to replace private funding. Any private benefit that arises must not be more than is necessary to deliver the public benefit that is the stated purpose of the project.  We look carefully at the balance of public and private benefit, including the mix of funding being provided by Ufi and the applicant and the level of business risk.