How much project information is required? | Ufi VocTech Trust

At Stage 1 our assessment is focused on whether the project is a good fit with the Ufi mission and the objectives of the funding call. Stage 2 requires a more detailed application which looks in more depth at the technology, route to market and deliverability of the project.  We expect projects to be clear about the vocational learning problem they are trying to address, and explain why their chosen solution is most likely to succeed.

You need to check the guidelines for the specific funding call you are applying for as requirements vary.  Generally, we look for a project to be sufficiently well defined to enable us to understand what it is aiming to do and the outcomes it will achieve.  Because we do not generally meet with applicants, our judgement is based upon the evidence which is supplied to us in the application form and you need to consider carefully how to complete the various sections to give your application the best chance of success.