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Early Year Practitioner at laptop in own home using the Kinderly Learn platform.

Introducing Kinderly Learn

Tuesday 27th March 2019

Kinderly's journey with us started in 2017 when we awarded them a grant to develop a technology-based platform offering personalised bite-sized learning that would be matched to an individual's professional development needs.

Kinderly Learn has been created in response to challenges faced by the early years sector around training:

  • Lack of (or reduced) funding from local authorities to support training and continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Ongoing requirement to meet Ofsted compliance regulations and CPD hours.
  • Traditional training and CPD courses are often too expensive, unengaging, and inaccessible.
  • Falling numbers of Early Years Practioners (EYP's).

Kinderly wanted to make it easier, more affordable, and fun for EYP's to do their CPD - especially after a busy day looking after children!

The Kinderly Learn plaform provides learners with short 'learning bites' in a variety of formats including; animations, quizzes, videos, fact sheets, and interactive activities. Subscribers can take part in monthly webinars and even use a forum to 'ask an expert'.

Why is Kinderly Learn different to traditional learning within the sector?

  • Learning has been created in bite-sized chunks to keep EYP's more engaged.
  • With a 'little and often' approach EYP's can stay on top of their CPD.
  • It's highly accessible so learning can be completed anywhere and anytime.
  • CPD can be evidenced to parents, employers, and Ofsted.

During this year's Childcare Expo at London Olympia the new product was showcased to thousands of EYP's from a wide range of job functions within the industry and was met with great positivity.

Carolyn Hill, an Early Years Practioner from Bristol said...

It's great to get lots of legislative information in easy to understand and bite-sized amounts so I can keep up-to-date.

Another EYP, Debbie Else, added...

It gives you the scope to choose what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. This keeps me motivated to learn.

Kinderly Learn is being introduced to a workforce who traditionally would not have achieved many formal qualifications within a sector that now requires more people to have a higher level of qualifications. Training in the sector is mainly delivered at high cost with onsite, online, and blended learning that tends to be static content lacking innovation.

Kinderly's product aims to achieve wide scale rollout to a large audience in a sector desperate to discover new ways to give the workforce better access to the skills they need for work

For more information about Kinderly Learn please visit (new window)

Kinderly Learn was developed when Kinderly was awarded funding from VocTech Impact to create a new online learning platform.

VocTech Impact offers up to £300,000 in funding for projects that have proven ideas and are able to show wide social impact. Discover more about our funding rounds and sign-up to our newsletter here.