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National Numeracy Impact Report

News by Stephen Hinde, Community Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust

Ufi have proudly been supporting National Numeracy Day since its inception in 2018. 

250,000 people have taken the National Numeracy Challenge since it began, with 100,000 of those taking part as a result of National Numeracy Day campaign activity.

This year’s National Numeracy Day campaign was responsible for 54,000 people who took part to check their numeracy levels and discover what they can do next to improve their confidence with numbers. 

National Numeracy Day 2020 on 13th May was a fully online virtual festival that contained an all-day agenda for people of all ages and featured celebrity guest speakers as well as the National Numeracy Day heroes who are all real life examples of how important numbers are in everyday life. 

Among the excitement of the celebrity speakers, the headlines, and being number one trend on Twitter, it’s important not to lose sight on the valuable work being done by National Numeracy Day – to raise awareness of the importance of numeracy to personal lives, career development, and the economy. 

In the National Numeracy Day Impact report, Sam Sims, CEO of National Numeracy says: 

2020 has been an extraordinary year, with challenges that none of us could have foretold.

Every person, business and organisation in the UK has a tough road ahead but improving numeracy skills and confidence are vital for the nation’s recovery.

You can read the report on National Numeracy’s website here.

Sarah Axon, Grants Manager for Ufi VocTech Trust, has been working with National Numeracy on Ufi’s behalf since the relationship with them started. Reflecting on National Numeracy Day 2020 Sarah said:

The decision to turn National Numeracy Day into an online festival created even more opportunity for people to get involved.

Improved numeracy skills will be a key component in preparing and upskilling the workforce for the challenges that lie ahead post pandemic and we are pleased to support National Numeracy as they develop the digital tools to help address this.

Commenting on Ufi’s involvement with National Numeracy, Sam said: 

National Numeracy are hugely grateful for Ufi VocTech Trust’s support and involvement with National Numeracy.

Their focus on skills for work and adult education aligns perfectly with National Numeracy’s mission of highlighting the importance of numbers in everyday life.

Ufi demonstrate that better skills can lead to better jobs - confidence with numbers plays a big part in this.

You can take the National Numeracy Challenge any time by visiting 

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