New Fund launching in 2017: Voctech Impact

Early in January, Ufi will launch the first of its 2017 funding calls - the Voctech Impact call.Like all of Ufi’s work, this is aimed at raising UK workforce skills levels through digital solutions for vocational learning – changing how vocational learning happens and the scale at which it happens.  More learning, for more people, in more places, more of the time.

There will be more information on our website in the New Year, but briefly,the fund will offer grants of £150,000 plus, for projects up to 18 months long, that deliver significant amounts of learning during the project period.We want projects which can demonstrate ‘the art of the possible’ in digital vocational learning.

The emphasis of the project must be on new learning tools which use genuinely innovative methods to raise the skills levels for a significant number of learners.   It will be an open call, although there are areas where we are particularly keen to see projects, including automated and machine learning, analytic tools and hyper-local projects linking employers and learners.

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