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Online Learning For Workplace Skills Development

In response to today’s announcement by the Government on new free online learning platform for workplace skills development, Rebecca Garrod-Waters, CEO of Ufi VocTech Trust said:

Ufi are really pleased that government is recognising the importance of ensuring people have access to the digital tools for skills development.

Ufi VocTech Trust have been working hard to support the adult teaching and training sector to ensure that provision of skills is protected as much as possible against the challenges that the lockdown presents.

The online platform, The Skills Toolkit, represents an opportunity for individuals to maintain and gain important skills for work – something we have being calling for since the start of the social distancing measures.

We are pleased that a number of the people we work with have been able to contribute, but there is much more to be done, both to open up the provision and to ensure that essential skills for the UK workplace do not fall behind.

Ensuring people are able to access skills whilst they are in furlough is hugely important, and a number of the people we work with and projects we have supported have made amazing offers to support people in this time. These organisations include Agylia, Learnerbly, FlashAcademy and CENTURY.

In addition to this, Ufi’s response to the unprecedented situation facing the vocational training and learning sector has included VocTech Now, a specific funding call that will support more than 25,000 learners. The scale and substance of the response showed us very clearly the challenge facing the adult vocational learning and training sector and today’s announcement is another welcome resource.

We have also been investing time and money into different types of support, which include the very popular ‘How To’ Webinar series, which is free for people to access.

We’re also developing a series of online resources available via our website which we hope will offer organisations other kinds of support. You can access this free series, and a range of resources here.

BBC News Article - Coronavirus: Furloughed workers offered online skills training.

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