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VocLearnTech projects launched

The successful projects under the £750,000 Vocational Learning Tech Fund are now ready to go.

Ufi Charitable Trust have funded 16 demonstrator stage projects – any one of which could be the project which catches the imagination of the teachers and learners of tomorrow. This week sees the launch of the new projects funded - all are at an early stage, and each has received up to £50,000 funding for the next 12 months to help develop their product or service.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Ufi CEO says:

We are really excited about funding this cohort – we want Ufi funding to be about more than the grant, where projects get benefit from each other and from the association with Ufi. Ufi Charitable Trust is an active and friendly funder where we support projects with access to the expertise they may need to succeed.

Bob Harrison, Ufi Trustee, has been a strong supporter of the #VocLearnTechFund from the start:

There’s a clear need for innovation in FE and training, but on the whole the sector is cautious in how new technologies are taken up – particularly in the early stages. Tight budgets mean that people don’t want to take a risk on something which is comparatively unproven. This presents difficulties for innovators who may have great ideas but need help to get those projects to a stage where they are ready to go to market or attract further investment. That’s why we decided to launch the #VocLearnTech Fund.

Ufi want to support these new and innovative ideas, encouraging developers and innovators and de-risking that crucial ‘demonstrator’ stage. Ufi Charitable Trust is able to help these projects at a developmental stage where many other funders and investors are unable to.

The 16 projects cover a wide range of technologies and services – including hardware, apps, e-learning and supporting services. This was a deliberate decision – we don’t believe there is a single solution for FE and training, and the blending of a range of tools woven into more traditional teaching methods will be key to the successful growth of workforce training. Together the project form a cohort, supported by the Trust and benefiting from the opportunity to work with each other. We hope that there will be synergies and connections formed – and we want this model of a Ufi ‘family’ of projects to underpin future funding.

Our short video shows highlights from the launch.