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A Win for Flash Academy

News by Zmina Hawthorne, marketing assistant for Learning Labs.

The Education Awards celebrate the establishments, individuals and organisations who go above and beyond to deliver excellence within the education sector. The Education Resource Provider Award in particular celebrates and recognises external organisations that provide schools, students and pupils with valuable resources to aid their progression.

Coming up against educational video tech company ‘Onvu Learning’ and employer training company ‘Independent Training and Skills Services’, Birmingham-based Ed-tech, FlashAcademy®, triumphed with top honours for their platform which specialises in EAL, MFL and English Literacy for schools and workplaces.

On Friday (July 5th) evening FlashAcademy® were described as a team “that solves the bigger problem, working closely with schools and educators to ensure that its users are given the best experience when it comes to language learning and continue to develop in close collaboration with schools to better support EAL and MFL”.

When speaking to FlashAcademy®’s CEO Veejay Lingiah on the win and the success of the educational platform, he said

As the only non-white pupil at my own Primary School, the EAL challenge across the country really struck a chord with me and it’s incredible that the team are now winning this kind of national recognition for all of the hard work that has been put in to support both pupils and teachers.  We certainly won’t stop here and we’re looking forward to launching the first ever digital EAL baseline assessment tool to run alongside the FlashAcademy® learning platform in the new academic year. The team, supported by a Ufi grant are also currently testing a workplace version of FlashAcademy®, which is starting to be deployed in the automotive and construction sectors to support employees that do not have English as their first language.

FlashAcademy® is available to access on a smartphone, tablet and PC/laptop and accelerates English and foreign language acquisition through curriculum-mapped lessons, challenges and games which simultaneously teach and test pupils. Features include the object translator, which can translate any object into English just from a picture taken by the user, a real-time leader board where pupils compete for the top spot, an exciting range of word games to test pupils’ understanding, as well as the ability to learn English from 38 different home languages.

Click here (new window) to visit Learning Labs' FlashAcademy website to find out more about how the platform could work for you and your learning needs.

Learning Labs were previously supported by Ufi Charitable Trust to develop a vocational version of their platform called 'FlashAcademy Workplace' which solved issues with language in the workplace. Read more about FlashAcademy Workplace in our quick-read case study.

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This news item is taken directly from a feature on the news section of flashacademy.com which can be found here: