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VocTech Seed 2019 Projects

The following projects have been funded through the VocTech Seed 2019 fund.

VocTech Seed 2018 Projects


The following projects have been funded by the VocTech Seed 2018 fund.

VocTech Impact 2018 Projects


Below are the projects we have funded as part of the Impact funding round which took place in 2018.

VocTech Impact 2017 Projects

Below are some of the projects we have funded as part of the Impact funding round which took place in 2017.

VocTech Manufacturing Projects

The following projects are part of our MSF (Manufacturing Skills Fund) cohort. 

VocTech Seed 2017 Projects

The following projects have been funded as part of the VocTech Seed 2017 fund.

VocTech Seed Projects 2016

8 innovative demonstrator projects were chosen for funding through Voctech 2016.

VocTech projects

Ufi has significantly increased the number of projects it has funded over the past two years and a number of our projects are near

Completed projects

Please find below details of some of the projects which Ufi have helped to fund.

Flash Academy

Hundreds of thousands of employees in the UK have poor English skills, a disadvantage that has implications for productivity, as well being a barrier to the

Children’s Food Trust

There are those who think that all you have to do is set up an online service and people will show up. The Children’s Food Trust knows differently. 


Composites are a growing global market where the UK has considerable expertise.

Stardash Studios

If a young person won't take their eyes off their phone, they might just be improving their numeracy. 


Using virtual reality to train professionals in the nuclear sector  

VocTech Seed Projects 2015

15 innovative demonstrator projects were chosen for funding through #VocLearnTech 2015.

Digging into the past

eCom Scotland have successfully developed a simple, easy to use VR (Virtual Reality) prototype for use at canal college®, where students learn practical and

BHA Game-Based Learning

The hospitality sector has a very young workforce - many working in small establishments with little access to training.

Using Technology to embed learning in remote settings - AELP

It is challenging to keep learners engaged throughout their learning, particularly during work placement and work experience.  Learners may not understand th

Coreliu app - Script City

Coreliu is an audio-visual app which enables people to learn without having to read.

Flavours of Reality

The Flavours of Reality (FoR) project plans to develop a ‘mixed reality’ training course, using Microsoft HoloLens technology to provide simulated experience


The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is an innovative digital badge store.

Blended Learning Essentials

Blended Learning Essentials is a MOOC, designed to encourage and support teachers and trainers who want to make better use of blended learning as part of the

The Digital Guild

For many people, finding meaningful work experience is a huge challenge.  Often it is about who you know rather than what you know.

Interactive Scientific

Interactive Scientific (iSci) is helping fix the broken UK STEM skills pipeline, which results in science employers lacking the skilled workers they need and

Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors

Relate are national leaders in counselling and counselling training services.

Amplify projects

The following projects are funded by Ufi as part of our Amplify programme.