Amplify projects

The following projects are funded by Ufi as part of our Amplify programme.

Nano Simbox - Interactive Scientific Ltd

Many learners disengage with science, only to find later that the career they would like to pursue requires more knowledge of science. iSci combine rigorous science, artistic input and digital capability to create solutions for science learning, by making the invisible, Nano-scale world of atoms and molecules visible, Nano Simbox is a platform for the future of science learning – visual and interactive it lets learners, at any stage of their education, experiment with rigorous science in an immersive way, made relevant to learners’ needs. Nano Simbox aims to transform how science is learned, offering a new non-traditional approach.

Ufi support has enabled the creation of a scalable software platform and interactive molecular simulations on mobile, tablet and Virtual Reality, all of which can work locally or remotely and be customised for use in a wide range of settings. iSci’s VocTech Amplify project will enable the development of an MVP platform with a limited launch, via limited market infiltration.

Dr Rebecca Sage, CEO

The Priorities Project -

Fluence uses a powerful language analysis engine to modify training content and transform learning efficiency. With cutting edge machine learning it ensures that the words that are most important to successful subject learning are prioritised in learning material. Having prototyped e-learning solutions and content editing tools Fluence are now in the final stages of developing a ‘client dashboard’ that produces automated conclusions from content and returns it to the client in the form of an actionable report.

Ufi’s Amplify Funding will enable the technology to be applied in real world, vocational learning settings, gain market validation and seeks further investment. Fluence hope to be able to offer an automated, low-cost product that can be scaled to vocational training providers who cannot make high cost investments in learning technologies.

David Hore, Managing Director