IoT Pods for Workplace Training


Led by Coleg Sir Gar, based in South West Wales, this project uses an IoT solution to deliver flexible employee training in manufacturing.  With an innovative approach that exploits the growing capacity of mobile devices to communicate with each other, it provides work-based learning for employees where and when it is needed. The IoT Pods provide the same collaborative learning support and access to resources as fixed systems but with complete flexibility, minimum infrastructure requirements and significantly less cost.  Coleg Sir Gar is using established partnerships with automotive and chemical manufacturers to trial the system, which supports both learning and access to work instructions for production staff.  Specialist learning design ensures an intuitive interface for employees with basic IT skills. Through implementation with partner companies, the College will demonstrate the transferability of the IoT Pod training system across industry sectors, including service industries; and show that ad hoc pods can deliver effective and efficient training be and support in a range of different workplace scenarios,

Dave Howells, Business Development & Innovation Manager


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