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Using Technology to embed learning in remote settings - AELP

It is challenging to keep learners engaged throughout their learning, particularly during work placement and work experience.  Learners may not understand the vocational significance of some learning; and vocationally specific content needs embedding to be remembered. This is increasingly important with the introduction of end point assessments in new apprenticeship standards.  This project is addressing this challenge by using various digital tech to provide learners with access to a wide range of bite-sized learning.  Working in partnership with Gen2, who are already engaged with manufacturing employers and will host the learning content on their website, this project is piloting ‘learning in context’.  Through handheld devices, learners can access learning in the workplace, focusing on standards for manufacturing apprenticeships. QR codes in the work environment will direct learners to bite sized learning in a VLE. Safety and educational posters will be enhanced using AR content to promote engagement and enrich the learning experience.  

Matthew Alvarez/Cheryl Swales, Director of Skills and Enterprise and