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The need for digital tools to support learning, both professionally and personally, is more important now than ever before. Below we list just some of the digital resources for vocational learners that have been created with Ufi support.


Health & Social Workers and Key Workers

Learn Skills At Home

Colleges & Training Providers



Health & Social Workers and Key Workers



Cuppa Care

Cuppa helps carers learn and recap on the essential skills needed for care.

The free app features short modules called ‘sips’, covering topics useful to anybody caring in a personal or professional capacity. Core sips are available free with the app as a taster. The full library is available via a subscription model. Download and try the app with the first modules. Subscribe to the Cuppa Care newsletter to see new 'sips' as they become available. 





EY smart is free, online training offering short, 10 minute courses in CPD for childcare practitioners. Courses that can be done on any device, at any time.  The content and structure of the training puts the child at the centre of the learning - so everything can be directly applied to the childcate setting and the children in your care.  Filmed with practitioners, children and parents at a variety of real settings, to demonstrate examples from actual practice. Each course links theory and practice together in an accessible and meaningful way. Try some learning with EY Smart.




Agylia Care

Agylia provides a portfolio of guides, videos, podcasts, and weblinks on a range of health and care topics such as Children’s Care, Dementia, Mental Health, Support for Carers, and more recently – Coronavirus guides for Carers.

Take a look at the bespoke Covid-19 learning content here.




Kinderly Learn by Kinderly

Kinderly provides online learning for early years education practitioners.

Kinderly Learn is an online platform that supports the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Early Years Education Practitioners. CPD is a requirement for all early years practitioners. The Kinderly platform makes CPD and training easier by allowing its users to learn what they want, where they want, and when they want. Find out more here




Learn Skills at Home / Skills for Individuals





Readable by Playlingo

Readable is an app-based language learning platform that helps people learning English to practice their reading in a new way. Gripping stories are presented in the form of text messaging conversations – a format and way of communicating that most people are familiar with. The library of short stories includes sci-fi, horror, romance, and comedy.

Language support is available throughout each story which gives the reader more opportunity to learn and understand the complexities of different languages. Download Readable here.



Star Dash Studios by National Numeracy

Star Dash Studios is loud and colourful free game by National Numeracy to help practice simple functional maths.

The player is a television studio runner who runs through a set while dodging crates and ducking under barriers. Along the journey the player meets various other people working in the studio who all set small challenges which help highlight the importance of numbers in everyday life. Download Star Dash Studios (Android) or (iPhone) or (Amazon).

Star Dash Studios is part of a suite of maths resources from National Numeracy headed by the National Numeracy Challenge. This is a free website where learners can check and improve their numeracy, improve their skills and confidence with numbers.  

You can sign up and take the challenge here.




iDEA lets you choose and learn an array of digital skills and track your progress with digital badges.

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award is a programme that helps people develop digital, enterprise, and employability skills for free. Learners can unlock new opportunities and win career-enhancing badges through a series of online challenges. Take part in iDEA here.




Open Networking Lab by the Open University

This project - a collaboration between Cicso and the OU - enables people to learn the basics of computer networking in their own time. 

The Open Networking Lab is a free online course from The Open University which makes available introductory practical computer networking skills training. Course participants can explore how computer networks operate, see how data is sent around the internet, and put understanding into practice using a network simulator. Learn more about the Open Networking Lab here




Colleges & Training Providers



Blended Learning Essentials  - hosted on Future Learn 

BLE is a free online course for teachers and trainers who want to explore how to get the best from mixing different styles of learning delivery.

This course aims to support vocational and further education professionals in choosing and using the right digital tools. Read more about Blended Learning Essentials and and get started.



Flash Academy by Learning Labs

Flash Academy provides resources for anyone learning a language.

Flash Academy Workplace helps accelerate workplace Engish skills for workers whose first language is not English. 

Resources for teachers help make language learning accessible to every student, even when schools and colleges are closed. 




Skills Live by the National Skills Academy for Rail

Skills Live provides video resources connecting people with rail industry jobs.

The video based platform is a simple tool where users can swipe left or right to highlight their feelings towards a role and also discover more learning content about roles that are of interest to them.

The Skills Live tool aims to address skills shortage by enabling employers to showcase jobs in rail and also by supporting employers by promoting greater diversity in the workplace.

Would a job in rail work for you? Find out here from Skills Live.