Targets | Ufi VocTech Trust


Digital solutions

We are looking to fund projects that have the potential to catalyse change in the UK vocational learning landscape. We anticipate that these will be both practical and innovative, with the potential for scale. Applicants may benefit from working in collaboration with employers or other learning providers to make sure that the idea is grounded and deliverable in this market.  

A. Digital learning for the workplace 

We will engage with all sizes of employers and business and workforce representative bodies to look for ideas that have the ability to deliver learning at scale across a number of industries.

B. Digital learning collaborations

We will facilitate learning providers and developers to come together to look at the technical and business challenges of shared platforms, content creation/ dissemination and accreditation. Innovation in how to create learning content, new technologies for capturing or delivering content and how to make content widely accessible will be supported.

C. Understanding the learning journey

We will support projects that focus on understanding how learners engage with digital technologies. We will showcase positive examples of how to recruit and retain learners and encourage them to see skills development as a positive lifelong process. We are interested in ideas that deliver real and lasting change for disengaged or disenfranchised learners. 

D. Seeding the market

We understand that the disruptive technologies of the future may well be at a very early stage of development either as a technology or approach. We will encourage projects that experiment with ideas in a more radical way. These projects will present a higher level of risk and are likely to be supported on a staged basis to enable progression for those that show the greatest potential for success.