Rose Luckin

I want every one of the UK’s adult learners to prosper from their endeavours to study and I know that technology has a key role to play. Technology has the capability to help every learner fulfil their potential so that they can enter the world of work as a confident individual with a great contribution to make. I want the activities we fund to ensure high quality training for educators and technologies for learners that are well designed, specific for their needs and easy to use.

Rose Luckin is Professor of Learner Centred Design at the UCL Knowledge Lab. Rose’s research involves the design of educational technology using theories from psychology and techniques from artificial intelligence. She works closely with the Education Technology industry, in particular Start-ups and SMEs, to enable them to integrate research evidence and methods into their products. Rose has advised the research councils of various countries on the design and use of educational technologies and has written widely about Educational Technology, the Learning Sciences and Artificial Intelligence as applied to education. Her book: Re-Designing Learning Contexts, published by Routledge explores how well designed and used technologies can contextualise learning for each individual. She is lead author of Nesta’s influential ‘Decoding Learning’ report published in 2012 and Pearson’s Unleashing Intelligence, published in 2016. 

Rose has taught in the school, further education and university sectors. She is a Governor and Trustee at St Paul’s public day school in London and a Governor of the Self Managed Learning College in Brighton; she has previously served on the governing bodies of state primary and secondary schools.