VocTech Impact 2017 | Ufi VocTech Trust

VocTech Impact 2017

Ufi's first funding call of 2017 to promote digital solutions for vocational learning is CLOSED for applications.  This call for applications closed at 9am.

Between £150k and £300k is available for projects of up to 18 months delivery.  

The emphasis of the projects must be on new learning tools or delivery models, using genuinely innovative methods to raise skill levels for a significant number of learners; and not just on new learning content.  We expect projects to deliver to a large number of learners during the funding period; with potential to scale even further in the future.

Our Stage 1 application form is live and open for applications from 1st to 28th February (9:00am) .

To apply:

  • Register with Ufi
  • Log into your account and go to the online form. You will find this under the Funding menu. 
  • Find out more by booking your place at a workshop or webinar to talk to us in advance about your project idea
  • Read more about what we are looking for - info on our strategy and and previously funded projects is all on our website

What are we looking for?

Projects which exploit the opportunity provided by digital tech to really change how vocational learning is developed and delivered; and to  ‘scale up’ this impact to bring more learning, to more people, in more places, more of the time.

Projects that demonstrate real impact by using innovative vocational learning tools and genuinely novel methods to raise skills levels for large numbers of learners - either in the workplace or by helping adults into work through gaining job specific skills.   

Projects that will deliver directly to a high number of learners during the project duration, using new approaches which can ultimately achieve even greater scale and demonstrate the value of digital solutions to a wider audience.

Projects which will use Ufi funding to make something happen that could not otherwise happen, or making it happen more quickly or at a greater scale.

Successful projects will:

  • Focus on vocational learning
  • Provide a solution to a defined learning problem
  • Have a clear plan for rollout, with a realistic plan for reaching and engaging users
  • Deliver to a large numbers of learners during the funding period; and have the potential for greater impact once Ufi funding has ceased
  • Have a plan for business sustainability beyond the period of Ufi funding
  • Be realistic and deliverable within the timeframe