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VocTech Specialist 2019

Below are the projects we have funded as part of the Impact funding round which took place in 2019.




Career Matters - Thrive


Project Thrive is developing guided support for care leavers via a new vocational skills platform, which embeds personalised layers of support for learners.  The interactive platform will provide insights into vocational occupations, skill sectors, online learning, career coaching and work experience.  Thrive connects care leavers and employers to improve vocational outcomes and opportunities.  Machine learning will assist in identifying those who require deeper levels of support and provide insights to improve and shape service design.       

Contact:  Hannah Kirkbride  - hkirkbride@career-matters.org
Website:  http://www.career-matters.org/



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Digital Aspire -Digital Unite


DCN Aspire are working with the target audience of people with Learning Difficulties who can work but are unemployed. Digital Aspire are building on their specialist online learning platform to support learners to develop their digital skills and confidence as well as providing a champions training model to empower people with learning difficulties to develop their soft skills and bespoke employer led skills. The Ufi funding will help to create a stepping stone into employment by equipping the target users with confidence, skills and opening opportunities for a more independent life. 

Contact:  Kat Elliot - kat.elliott@digitalunite.com
Website:  https://www.digitalunite.com/



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Flow - Skills for Logistics


The logistics industry is a growing sector and one that has very low uptake of the apprenticeship levy due to limited time and budget to be spent on training for additional skills once compliance is met. Skills for Logistics have identified issues around the quality and accessibility of learning as well as lack of planning and CPD in the area. Flow in an online talent growth platform that is working to enable the transport and logistics sector to provides micro qualifications, learning tools and a collaborative way of working the different stakeholders.  

Contact:  David Coombes - David.coombes@theskillsgroup.org  
Website: https://www.skillsforlogistics.co.uk/ 



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Future DomCare - Barking and Dagenham College


Future DomCare – E CARE will create the leading mobile platform for virtual learning to increase domiciliary carers’ understanding of anatomy and physiology to enable them to use digital tools to undertake physiological measurements. Their focus is to help social care staff learn about anatomy and physiology and about the digital tools they can use to spot deteriorating health and prevent illness. In the long-term, this learning tool will enable learning and progression for staff, enhancement of social care services and better outcomes for the people they serve. Barking and Dagenham College are working with Care City as key delivery partners for this project. 

Contact:  Yvonne Kelly - yvonne.kelly@bdc.ac.uk  
Website:  https://www.barkingdagenhamcollege.ac.uk/ 




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Personalised Leadership and Management training for the Agri-tech sector - Boston College


Working at different levels across remote rural communities is challenging for both employers and trainers. Boston College have developed a learning programme that not only tackles contextualized learning in this sector but delivers personalised learning pathways that adapt to the individual’s needs as they progress through the course.  The learning programme will enable learners to progress onto Level 3 Leadership and Management qualifications enabling learners and local SMES to be supported in their growth. 

Contact:  Rebecca Clark  - rebecc-c@boston.ac.uk
Website: https://www.boston.ac.uk/



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Skilling me Softly – Contented Brothers


The soft skills gap is a challenge faced by many employers. Emotional Intelligence has been identified as a key factor in determining long term employability and career progress. Contented Brothers are working with L’Oreal to create an immersive experience using VR technology making it easier for young people to develop the skills they need in a controlled environment so that they gain confidence at an early stage in their career. Working with non-graduate recruits who would not usually be considered for employment, Contented Brothers are developing a VR training platform that will enhance the recruitment processes of larger organisations, opening up opportunities for learners from more diverse backgrounds.  

     Contact:  Tom Hall - tom@contendedbrothers.com 




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Smart Pathways - First Step Trust



Smart Pathways are working with the long term unemployed to provide a safe learning space that will enable learners to develop confidence and demonstrate skills and competence. Many of the workforce members live with issues such as anxiety and poor literacy which disadvantage them in accessing meaningful employment opportunities. Smart Pathways are scoping a 12-module programme supported by VocTech, initially in motor vehicle maintenance and collaborating with the Institute of Motor Industry awarding body and Halfords to break down barriers in this employment sector through the prototype of the Virtual Garage.  

Contact:  Ronnie Wilson - ronnie.wilson@firststeptrust.org.uk
Website: http://firststeptrust.org.uk/



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The Critical Engineer  - West College Scotland


West College Scotland are developing a playbook called The Critical Engineer which will enable existing engineers to develop skills needed to thrive in an environment of exponential technological growth and change. The playbook will allow users to utilise a variety of media including video, podcasts and digital badge content which enables engineers to make progress in 3 key metaskills identified by employers to enable an innovative mindset. West College Scotland recognises the importance of developing a culture of innovation and flexible routes to training so a sector that is changing rapidly can upskill its workforce.  

Contact:  Paul Fagan  - paul.fagan@wcs.co.uk
Website: https://www.westcollegescotland.ac.uk/ 



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WAMITAB are leading the development of a social learning application for the waste and resource management sector. Combining the benefits of peer-to-peer learning with the engagement and popularity of social media, gaming and on-demand news; it will support workers in high risk environments to overcome barriers to learning, gain confidence and develop new skills. With free to use basic functionality, and potential for employer sponsored additional learning modules and games, the application will benefit micro, SME and large waste and resource management businesses in the UK, connecting employees across organisations to share best practice. 

Contact - Katie Cockburn - Katie.cockburn@wamitab.org.uk
Website - https://wamitab.org.uk/



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Way to Work - Socrates


Socrates Software is working with probationers to tackle unemployment and help reduce reoffending rates.  The challenges around this sector are immense and getting people into meaningful work in a constantly changing modern environment is complex. The project is using Ufi funding to build a platform that will offer detailed job pathways, with up to date, personalised information about jobs and the skills and qualifications required for them. Relevant learning and training content will also be included within the pathways. These pathways will be linked to real job opportunities with partner employers, who will also be able to provide their own training modules and other content for candidates.  

Contact:  James Levy - james'levy@socrates-software.com
Website: https://www.socrates-software.com



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