Who will own the intellectual property rights (IPR) on projects that you fund? | Ufi VocTech Trust

Arrangements for specific funding calls will vary so do check the relevant fund criteria.  Note that applicants that are selected to go forward to Stage 2 of the application process will be asked for more details about their proposals for IPR.

As a general rule, Ufi Charitable Trust does not have a fixed policy on ownership of IPR on projects we wholly or partly fund, reflecting the wide range of projects and organisations we work with and our own flexible approach to funding.  We believe that different approaches to IPR are necessary to ensure the long term success and sustainability of projects.  Our emphasis is on ensuring that IP developed with the help of Ufi funding is used to improve UK vocational learning.  With this in mind, we will negotiate IPRs on a case by case basis and this is described further in our funding terms and conditions (T&Cs).